Naturlife is a rapidly growing eCommerce company with a dynamic and fast-paced work environment. Our team consists of professionals in IT, marketing, eCommerce and finance. We are now seeking a highly experienced Chief Financial Officer to join our team in Malta.

The Chief Financial Officer will direct and oversee the financial activities of the corporation, direct the preparation of current financial reports and summaries, and create forecasts predicting future growth. The ideal candidate will possess exceptional financial skills with a strong focus on strategic planning. In addition, they will possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as they will be the key financial professional at Naturlife.


  • Working closely with the CEO,  finance Director and all managers 
  • Ensure the financial well-being of the entire organization, implementing robust financial strategies to support growth and sustainability
  • Act as a strategic advisor to the Partner, offering insights and recommendations for key business decisions and growth strategies.
  • Establish and execute world-class standards, systems, and real-time financial reporting processes.
  • Lead high-level contract negotiations with external partners and third parties.
  • Spearhead the digital transformation of the finance function, emphasizing scalability and efficiency through automation (e.g., automated invoicing, credit policies, debt collection).
  • Manage both long-term and short-term cash flow, including forecasting, cost control, banking relations, accounts receivable, treasury, and procurement.
  • Oversee group governance related to audits, maintaining an up-to-date data room with all relevant financial statements and tax positions.
  • Lead the development of a modern, integrated, and digital finance function, leveraging the latest technological advancements.
  • Ensure operational involvement within the organization to identify revenue opportunities and contribute to financial success.
  • Provide strategic financial input and leadership on decision-making issues affecting the organization, such as alliances, investments, and mergers.
  • Manage financial risk elements of transactions, new business launches, and critical projects.
  • Collaborate closely with the CEO and the C-level team on strategic and tactical issues facing the organization.
  • Actively contribute to strategic planning sessions and design routine quarterly goals and milestones for the Finance team.


  • Proven experience as a Financial Director for at least 3-4  years and/or minimum of 2 years as a CFO 
  • Previous experience in e-commerce or similar online industry
  • Expertise in strategic planning, risk management, and working with complex financials at the group level.
  • Strong commercial orientation, proficiency in high-level contract negotiations, and financial strategy development.
  • Exceptional leadership skills with the ability to inspire and guide a high-performing finance team.
  • Excellent communication skills for effective collaboration with C-level executives and stakeholders.
  • Superior analytical and abstract reasoning skills with strong business acumen.

Qualifications and Personal Attributes

  • Relevant degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, or a related field. 
  • Proficiency in translating complex financial ideas into easily understandable solutions.
  • Proficient in stakeholder management, building effective relationships, and adept at navigating challenging situations.
  • Bring energy and passion to the role, displaying versatility and collaboration.
  • Exhibit confidence in presented solutions and comfortable working hands-on in a collaborative financial environment.

An attractive remuneration package is being offered to the right candidate. If you fit the above description and are interested to apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to [email protected]

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